Together for a hopeful future


Sweet Caroline, Leo Aerts’ newly designed cake server, is one of his most personal and undoubtedly most moving designs of his career.


Leo’s wife Caroline, was a passionate doctor, available day and night for her patients, family, friends and acquaintances. In a relaxed atmosphere, together with those she loved, she could enjoy a delicious piece of cake. No wonder this cake server was designed especially for her.


The Sweet Caroline cake server symbolizes cozy get-togethers and enjoying festive moments.


Sadly, Caroline passed away at the end of 2021 after an unequal battle with an aggressive cancer. We have continued her determination and perseverance in 2022 to better overcome this disease in the future. For a campaign of Kom op tegen Kanker (a Belgian foundation that conducts cancer research), we have donated the profit of each sold cake server to the organization. We were able to donate no less than 9,520.00 euros to Kom op Tegen Kanker at the end of 2022.


Sweet Caroline is made in polished stainless steel and discreetly signed.
It is a unique object to cherish or to give as a gift to loved ones.


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The cake server remains in the collection.


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