Leo Aerts, interior architect/designer and driving force behind Alinea nv, has been offering creative total answers to your interior questions for more than 30 years.

For all possible interior jobs (home, retail, office, public spaces), Alinea is the solution with a personal vision, where architecture, multi-functionality and technical preparation are clearly integrated. Qualitative solutions are offered in order to save energy and material, to design sustainably and ecologically.

This design creativity has already been crowned numerous times with national and international awards, including the coveted German Red Dot Award and the Good Design Award in the USA.

SME businesses and liberal professions may come to Alinea for their interior questions and make use of the financial support of the SME portfolio. You can find a detailed explanation on www.kmo-portefeuille.be.

More questions? E-mail us to info@alinea.be.